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Our charity was established after the Asian tsunami of 2004. We
initially raised funds to re-build a single school, but have since
gone on to work with nearly 50 schools in Sri Lanka’s Southern Province.

We renovate classrooms and build toilet blocks, libraries, computer
rooms and science labs to name a few. You can see what we are doing by
looking through the project pages and where we are doing them on the
schools pages.

We also support community projects and sponsor children from
disadvantaged backgrounds.

Any money you give us will go directly to Sri Lanka as the Directors
all cover their own admin and travel expenses.

Latest News

  • Wild Elephant Holding Area

    For the past six months I have been working with Mr Chintaka, the park warden at Lunugamvehera National Park to map out a new home for elephants, which need to be moved from other parts of the country...

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  • Sri Dewananda IT Lab Renovation

    It was very pleasing to help facilitate the renovation of Sri Dewananda Computer Lab...

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  • National Reconciliation Convention

    At the end of October, I participated at this convention as one of 33 members representing the government and NGOs from Hambantota District...

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  • KG03 TV donation

    We would like to thank HSBC, which has been a huge support to the charity over the past decade...

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  • Kandagasmankada TV donation

    This is the third TV donation we have made to a special needs unit thanks to the generosity of HSBC, which has donated seven TVs...

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  • Pallemattala TV donation

    This is a tiny little primary school situated very close to the new Mattala airport...

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  • Medawelena TV donation

    This is the first donation we have been able to make to the special needs classroom at Medawelena School...

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What we're doing

Special Needs

Our centres support a range of special needs children, including those with learning difficulties, autism and Down's syndrome.

At Debarawewa President's Primary College, we constructed a purpose-built centre with three classrooms, playground, toilets and music room.


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Computer Centre

A manager and four local teachers run our centre for Mahasenpura School and the community.

We are open seven days a week for kids' courses, certificate and diploma courses, as well as teacher training.

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Other projects

Please click on this link to take you to the list of projects we have completed.

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